About Indie Mini- the back story

I have been renovating my house for the last 8 years or so and blogged about it on  A Citys Girl’s Country Dreams.  I got tired of having my house looking like a construction site.

I have 2 channels on Hometalk also displaying my projects.  The most popular Blu Jay and the  City Girl Rajan.  One day on hometalk, and don’t ask me why, I searched for dollhouses.  I found this awesome dollhouse and the rest is history.  You can find photos of that dollhouse on my inspirations page.

Lastly, I also have a webpage with free printables

If you would like me to feature a project of yours on my page because you have no blog, please feel free to email me at indieminidolls(at)gmail.com.  Please replace (at) with @. No charge.  I will need all instructions, and photos and you will have to agree to respond to any question people might post, if there are any.

I hope you enjoy.  Oh and by the way while the rest of my house is now clean and straight….but my livingroom table is now usually cluttered with dollhouse materials.  (I need a workroom in a bigger house).  I can’t seem to win LOL