Inspirations from Mexico (via Cali)

You know I love finding dollhouses with different cultural influences so today I bring you the dollhouse of  Lala  with her native Mexicana  flavor and some  items crafted by her loving son Christian.  Although they live in California, they retain some of their Mexican culture through the dollhouse.  I hope you enjoy my pick for the month.


Christian and I are in a common Facebook group and I first noticed his Mom’s  dollhouse when he posted a video showing her opening a box of items he made for her doll house for Christmas.


It was an awesome video because she was so happy as she uncovered layers and layers of handmade happiness.  Maybe it touched me so much because I am a mother and a daughter who loved spoiling her mother and I could really relate to what she was feeling going through the box AND I could relate to how he must have felt seeing her reaction.

While watching the video I could also see her dollhouse in the background and I was very, very curious to get a better look.  Over time I saw other posts from Christian showing his Mom’s dollhouse treasures and I had to feature it. Unfortunately I can not show you the video as my free account does not support  videos, punishment from WordPress for not paying,  sorry.

I know you are probably wondering how he made that cute table set right?  Well it all starts in the command center.

and a few supplies and skill

Here are photos of the house…with Lala and her beautiful DIL Tressita.


Lala started collecting her pottery items in Mexico in the 2000’s and then she got the cabinet to house them and the addicting hobby began.

To help fill her house Christian helps her out by making some things:

He bashes this Mayberry pie safe by changing handles, sanding, refinishing and/or repainting and then he repacks it before giving it to his Mom (click on photos to see up close).  I love how he tests his color pallet out.  I have to try that


He took actual family photos and framed them and put them in the house (I will show them in use later).  Such a nice and personal touch.

He made a wash basin.  Here is the real one he modeled after on the left and his version on the right


Making of pencils

Buying flowers and putting them in place.

making straw animals


and more scenes from the casa de muñecas!


If you enjoyed this and you were/are inspired please send comments to Lala and Christian…


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