Bottle Adventures


I made 1:12 scale body washes for my dollhouse with Dollar tree baby bottle favors and news paper coupons.  The packet had 40 assorted pastel colored bottles in the pack


I cut the nipples off


and I saved the nipples for something else…maybe nail polish bottles later?


smart right?

Then I painted the bottles with nail polish.  I painted the white bottles leaving the top white and I tried to paint the colored ones with white tops but the color smeard so I had to paint with a darker color.  The bottom of the bottles are open so I was able to put them on a paintbrush and then put the paintbrush in a cup to let them dry


It only took a few minutes for the paint to dry.

Then I cut out ads in a coupon

I used a paint brush to smear some yes! paste on the back of the labels and smoothed them on the bottles.  no wrinkles at all…I am happy with it.

I have plenty of soap to stock up in my bathroom.

Project Two:

I made 2 liter soda bottles and wine bottles out of 3 mil pipettes.  I didn’t mean to buy such big pipettes but I did not see anywhere what size to buy

I painted them with black nail polish and cut at the bottom measurement line.  I then painted the top with red paint.  some bottles I let the two colors meet and some I did not.


again I cut out labels from coupons


glued them on the bottles with YES! paste.  and here are the results.

I ordered .5 mil and 1 mil pipettes and I will experiment with them but for now this is what I have.  What do you think?





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