Kitchen Inspirations from Pinterest

I haven’t posted in a while because I went on a business trip AND I have actually been busy working on my kitchen AND I seem to be having trouble finding inspiratins that I want to post.  You may ask “Why do I post these inspirations?”  Because the wonderful world wide web provides beautiful artwork from all over the world that you can use to inspire and copy with your own twist.  The more you look at photos the more ideas start populating in your head subconsciously. You see three ideas and put them together in your own way and you have a OOAK piece. It really helps with creativity.   (OOAK-one of a kind…took me a minute to figure that one out LOL)

I will post some of my projects later on but for now I must run out with my daughter for Mothers Day!!  Here are some ideas for you for your kitchens.  I did not post links because you can put the image in Google Image search to find the webpages that they originated from…most with instructions.  If I posted your stuff please feel free to comment and I will add a link to your site.  Also please feel free to post your own inspiration photos in the comments (kitchens stuff only) but please no sale ads.

Thanks and Happy Mothers Day!!

Oh God I’m late…my daughter is going to kill me…






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