Projects From Linda in TN (Part II of Her Inspirations) updated 4/16/17

Simple Projects you can make on your own!

Sheet Cakepan from a bead package


Tupperware from Nail Packages and nail polish!  Follow the photos.  All you are doing is cutting out the trays and painting the lids with nail polish.  Bam.







Mini Mops from Kerosene wick, bamboo skewer, and optional wood stain. Wrap the wick around the skewer and hot glue. DONE


Mini Paper Towel Holder and shelf from scrapbook trim and toothpicks


Easy Mini Ironing Board


Mini Computer from Acrylic Picture frames-

Plastic picture frame, generally  found 2 for $1. Score and cut. Print out, or cut out an  ad of a desired monitor screen and keyboard. Glue the keyboard to a piece of cardstock or mat board for depth. Add a piece of string for cord.

Mini Tables from bamboo laser cut fans

(the fans can be found pretty cheaply on ebay  and I heard some dollar trees sell them…I haven’t seen them though)


Mini Wall art from Earrings


Mini Bamboo Hamper from a Pencil Sharpener


Dish from a coffee cup

Freezer from a plastic package

Straws from a paper clip

Lessons I  Learned?

  1. Don’t throw anything away!!
  2. Learn to look at things for their potential alternate use!

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