Inspiration From Linda in TN (Part I) updated 4/16/17

Today I bring you a miniaturist  named Linda from Tennessee.  One day she posted something on a Facebook group that peaked my curiosity so I went to her page to check her out and found goo gobs of beautiful miniature examples.  Some of the photos I could not even believe belonged in a dollhouse until I read the comments.  SHE IS THAT GOOD.  Part one of this post will be photos of her beautiful rooms and part two will be photos of projects she so graciously shared with us.  Note that she is already published!!


Yes Yes Y’all…I featured a celebrity!!

So without further ado here is some of her beautiful work.  If you have any questions please write a comment and I am sure she will respond.





Living Rooms









other-nail salonother-coffeehouseother-whole houseother-curb appealother_exterior

Please feel free to send Ms Linda some kind words about her work…the comment box is at the very bottom of the page


4 thoughts on “Inspiration From Linda in TN (Part I) updated 4/16/17

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am so greatly appreciative of the time and effort you have taken to feature my contributions to this amazing hobby!!! I love it, and I just want everyone else to love it too!!!

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  2. You are an inspiration! That beauty parlor is amazing. So many times I look and have to study the photos to know they are not real. Are you an interior designer of full size houses?

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