Inspirations From Bangladesh (Room Boxes)

This week I am featuring the work of miniaturist Masha from Bangladesh..  Masha does not have the luxury of going to the Dollar Tree or the Pound Shop to find deals for her creations so she has to make every little thing from scratch. She says she loves to make them but with less ready made materials she feels her room boxes are not up to the same standards of store brought items. I beg to differ on that!! I can look at her work all day and be amazed as I realize from looking really hard what she made some things from!!  Note that she made some of the wallpapers herself from fabric or paper.  So much love is put into her work!!  Masha says her dream is to spread her work in her country so everyone can fall in love with miniatures.  If she keeps this up she will accomplish that goal!  All artists appreciate feeling the love they put into their work so if you found any inspiration please show her some love!!


We all love a good kitchen.  I notice a lot of sewing notions and jewelry findings put to good use in ways I had not thought of before.  She says she used PVC board for some things and everything is made by her hands!!  Look closely…can you find how she used the pen top?  the ribbon? the snap backs?  I got lots of ideas now!!


Glamour Girls  Dressing Areas




look carefully at the accessories…you will find some surprises!


 Living Rooms, Sitting Room, Salon

I love the different ways she puts pearls to work…



Beyond Room Boxes…


Have you been inspired today?


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