I Tried To Make a Stained Glass Window

I purchased a box of slick writer pens for $8 from the reuse store.


They cost $2 each new so it did not seem expensive for a box of 30 in multiple colors.  I found a design I wanted online and pasted it in a word document.  I resized it to be a bit smaller than my window. (Spoiler alert…bathroom is a peacock theme)


My glass is the glass that came with my dollhouse.


I  taped the design to the back of the window and on the other side I took the clear film off.  Then I just colored away


I think it looks like a water coloring which is not really a stained glass effect.  Its a far cry from the original LOL.  Well this was an experiment and like the rest of my projects so far its not a pass yet.  I will keep trying!!

5  6

Grade for this project?


How many fails did you have before you finally had a good project?

update:  a group member on FB suggested I outline in black


Looks a bit better but still a



2 thoughts on “I Tried To Make a Stained Glass Window

  1. I think 3M makes a printable cling film that can be used on inkjet printers that I think would work great for a project like this. With a decent graphic program it would be easily do-able to scale it to size.

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