Inspiration From England

This morning a group I requested to be a member of on Facebook accepted me and OH MY GOD…they just blew me away.  I  realize I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go in the talent pool.  In England the dollhouse hobby is much more popular with adults than it is here and they really get into the hobby.  I hope I get to go over and see some of the dollhouses in England myself one day as I am totally  fascinated with the craftsmanship I find over there.  Each week I am going to try to bring inspirations from different people.  I hope you like my selections.

This morning I found Vina’s dollhouse.  I was late for work because I  fell in love with her house and I was studying her photos and chatting with her.  I asked her if I can share some of her photos and she agreed.  She said this is her family fantasy home and  she would love to do some custom work.  I don’t have a photo of the outside of the house but lets start with the entryway…check out the ceiling medallion and all the intricate trim work , the chandelier, the flowers, the fireplace, the rug, the tiles…


Okay now lets move into one of the baths.  Notice how it is staged into a scene with the lady of the house bringing in some fresh linen.  Now notice  the wallpaper, the tiny rolls of toilet tissue, the folded towels. the fish and rubber ducky in the tub, the candles, the wicker drawers, the mirrors, the perfume bottles….the more I look the more I see.


Let’s travel into the pink bedroom. Again the details.  Remember this is on a 1″ scale.  Check out the trim work, the ceiling medallion. the shoes, the “beaded” curtains, the Buddha over the fireplace. the feather decorations the speakers, the entertainment center, the paneled door, the foiled wallpaper, the antique dresser, the tray ceiling, the nice bed set, the nice furniture…



Another bedroom, a teenage girls room perhaps.  Notice the glittery wallpaper, the pocketbooks on the wall. the trim work, the tray ceiling, the  beaded valance, pink furniture, shoes, perfume bottles, the dog, the mirror, the sandals on the wall. the girl in the bed…


The boys room… the map on the wall, the flag on the wall, bedspread and chair, scenery outside the window,  skateboard, cups siting on the furniture, chess set, rolled maps and toy chest.

boys room1

The  little girls room.  the tutu on the wall, the wallpaper, the bookshelf the teddy bears, the desk, the table and chairs, the bedspread, the toy plane. the balloons, toy dolls the chalk board…did I miss anything?


The nursery…the crib, the basket of goodies, the wall paper, the wall decorations, the furniture, the rocking horse, the bears, the dolls, the chalk board.

I am not quite sure what to call this next room…the sorcery chamber?  There is  crystal ball, some witches brooms on the wall, a spell book, tarot cards, fabric draped ceiling,  and bottles of potions.


Now lets look at the most important room of the house.  The Kitchen,  So many details to list!



And the dining room


What did you think about Ms Vina’s Dollhouse?  Did you love it as much as I did?  Share a comment for her to read if you did.and let her know what you liked.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration From England

  1. I enjoyed doing this house. I lost 2 brothers in a year due to cancer. I’m not sure where my gift came from but I believe that doing this doll’s house as kept me sane. Hope others enjoy my work xxx

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  2. This house is a million times better than any doll house that I ever used to play with, I enjoyed the walk through. It made me remember how content I would be to play with my dollhouse for hours. My favorite rooms are always the kitchen and bath, this house didn’t disappoint! The other favorite is the soft pink room. Loved the lighting throughout. Anyway, great job. Thank you for sharing!

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