A Story of a Disaster

I HATE THAT.  LOL and yes I am blaming it on others

I made my fridge and all was going well.  In fact I fell in love with using foamcore because its easy to cut, if things are not even you can file it down and make it right.  Here are the photos showing how things were up to the point where all was going well.  I first made it with the paper on then I took the paper off.  got it just right.  Painted it and all went to hell


Before the Paint:


Aster the Paint:


Paint melts the foam even if you leave the paper on top!  All that hard work down the drain!!  Well it is back to the drawing board for me on this one.  On the flip side I might be able to make some textured bricks by spray painting some foamcore boards.  Hmmmmm



5 thoughts on “A Story of a Disaster

  1. I’ve painted foam core before and never had this happen to me, I don’t take off the paper layer and have used craft paint


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