Floors and Ceilings are Finished!

I had this bright idea to use real vinyl tiles for my floors.  I purchased Style Selections 4-in x 36-in Gunstock Peel-And-Stick Residential Vinyl Planks.  They were 98 cents a sf but each plank cost a little over a dollar.  I brought three but I only actually used two.

I marked each plank off in 4″ sections then cut them out.  Then I marked each section in 1/2″ increments and cut them out.  That made me have planks which were 4″x1/2″.  If I convert that to one inch scale that’s 6″x4′.  Kind of long but I did not have the patience to cut out in smaller pieces.


I used Stanley Fatmax snips with a lifetime guarantee.  They were the cheapest ones with a long blade.  I asked the guy in Lowes if there was a difference in the others that same size and he said no.  Lucky for me they were on clearance.  I used this verses a razor because I can’t control a razor blade to cut a straight line.  Not even with a ruler.



I also got 1-Piece of 18-in x 18-in Groutable Crushed Shell/ Light Brown Peel-And-Stick Stone Luxury Vinyl Tile .  It was about $3.00 for one tile and all I got was one.  I cut it in 2″x2″ squares which would have been equivalent to 2’x2′.  It took me a few hours to mark and cut out all these tiles and planks.  My hands were sore as heck and my cuts were not perfectly straight.  Its okay because they will get grouted later.  Errors give it charm  (I tell myself LOL).


Before I put them in my dollhouse I decided to make a sample board to see how it would come out.

Lowes only had gray vinyl tile grout.  I really wanted black or dark gray but they only carried the darkest colors in the $30 bucket and I was not about to spend that much


It looked okay I suppose



paint-textureBefore I laid my floors I decided to do the ceilings first.  Yes I pop-corned my ceiling!

I found an additive in Lowes for $1 on clearance so I got it.  It was Homax Paint Texture.  What is this stuff?  Just  a bunch of tiny Styrofoam balls that you mix in paint.  I could have made  my own texture by grinding up some Styrofoam I hoarded from the packing materials in my washing machine.


I mixed the texture in with some white house paint. (notice the clearance sticker.  I try not to pay full price for anything)


My ceiling had cracks where my construction skills were not all that good so I was hoping to cover the cracks.  Here is the ceiling before (I had the dollhouse turned upside-down.)


I plopped some paint on and then used a chip brush to pat the textured paint in place. I did not want to make a big mess with a roller.9b

The texture was a bit sparse I must admit but I was okay with this.  Anyone peep their head in there and they will know it’s a popcorn ceiling and that’s all that matters to me.9c

After the paint dried I flipped the dollhouse back over to lay the floors…

I used Blue Hawk TEC Skill Set 32-oz Delorean Gray Sanded Premixed Grout.  If I had to pick tiles all over again I would have picked a wood floor that matched gray grout.  Lesson Learned.


I grouted the marble first.  I liked it.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  ONLY GROUT ONE ROOM AT A TIME!!  This stuff sets pretty fast so here is my advice.  Have two sponges with water wringed out until the sponge is just damp.  I used an old Hancocks value card to spread the grout and push in the cracks.  I tried to scrape up all the excess but the tile is textured so it was not that easy.  No problem. I wiped up with both sponges, rinse, wring out water, repeat about 4 times. If you later find you have spots you missed you can go over the tile with another coat of grout.  You don’t have to seal this grout it has the sealer built it.  It is not ordinary grout it is an epoxy grout.  OH AND MAKE SURE THE GROUT YOU PICK IS MAKE FOR VINYL!!  I would not advise using real tiles because of the weight…but its your dollhouse do what you want.


I tried to get a little fancy by the door and cut up the tile in little pieces then framed it with the wood planks.  I glued down the little pieces and the wood planks by the edge of the house so they won’t move around when I grout the tiles. Those are the only places I actually used glue.  otherwise I depended on the sticky back to hold in place.

The floor dried rock had.  YES  I had to put a second coat of grout by the door because the gaps were so large the grout was coming up when I was wiping the tiles down.


Even though I was not crazy about the color I was not unhappy with the results either.  Not totally satisfied but I could live with this.

Oh and in case you noticed I changed my mind about having an all white interior.  I painted it with an oops gold paint …sample size bottle for 75 cents….I used less than a quarter of the bottle to paint the entire interior.  I love this color!



I am always in search of a unique craft.  Have you ever heard of anyone laying real vinyl tile and grouting it with real grout in their dollhouse?


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