A Blank Canvas

This dollhouse business is a real learning experience.  I keep thinking I am going to build the dollhouse then customize it but the reality is I need to be customizing as I go along.  So right now I am at the point of a blank canvas.  I painted the entire inside white:  ceiling walls and floors.


I had to turn it upside down to paint the ceiling and when I did it felt like the house  was falling apart so now I know I have to remove the trim I glued on and put some small reinforcing nails then cover them with the trim.  I hope I don’t totally mess everything up.  UGGGGH I hate it when I don’t know what the hell I am doing.  I only glued on 3 pieces of trim so it should be okay. As my famous saying goes…I will live. LOL   I just would hate to pimp the inside of the house and then have it fall all apart.

I have been making big plans for this doll house.  Pretending that I am designing my new house.  A real one.  A new one.  Ummmm hmmmm.  The top floor will be the media room and office…middle floor bedroom and on-suite bathroom and lower level will be the open floorplan kitchen eating area and living room.  In real life I would have an elevator to bypass the second floor but this is a dollhouse so its about pretend.

Instead of putting flowerboxes on the front I am going to use my 3d pen to make balconies and I am going to make a rooftop hangout.  I think I told you that already.  I  brought real vinyl flooring for the floors.  I will cut it into little planks.  Not looking forward to that project but it should look awesome.


I plan to use some bold wallpaper in my bedroom on one wall


and on my theater room wall


But first order of business is getting the bones of this house tightened up.  These are the things people don’t really talk about.



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