I Know Why Doll Houses Cost So Much Money Now

I been working on this dollhouse for a month now and the progress is slow.  You glue a piece and have to wait 24 hours for it to dry, then paint the next piece, wait for the paint to dry then  glue it in place and wait 24 hours for the glue to dry.  This is not a hobby for the impatient.

Yesterday I got the bright idea to paint all the pieces at one time.  I didn’t want to do it before because I had to be sure of my paint scheme. Why you ask?  Because  I am not the type of person who can draw out a plan and then stick to the plan.  I am a visual person.  I have to make a preliminary plan and then change and improve as I go along.  I have to see how it looks.   That is why I really can’t work with anyone unless they are like that too.  If I work with a “Make a plan and stick to it” type of person at work we will drive each other crazy!!  They will be running to the dept. head every second and she will be saying…that’s how she is.  I get results so everyone who knows me knows you just have to bear with the process.

Back to the dollhouse: Yesterday I painted for hours. This is my progress


That’s 48 pieces that had to be painted on one side wait for the paint to dry then paint the other side wait for it to dry, then paint on a second coat the same way.  It literally took all day.  And I looked like a smurf cause my  fingers were blue.

In between waiting for the paint to dry I surfed Google and Pinterest and finally Houzz looking for ideas on what I am going to do with the inside and the roof.  I have LOTS of ideas!  I also learned about and ordered a 3D pen which I will use to make elements of my rooftop hangout.  I can’t wait to get to that!!

Oh and what’s in the above photo that shouldn’t be there?


My phone.  It got spattered with paint.  Lesson learned….take stuff not being painted off the table!!

Besides the trim on the table I still have stuff in the box left to be painted.  The box at one time looked like it was not going down.  It’s looking better now but everything is on the table  and still not on the house yet lol.


The only thing that has stopped me from going crazy on this project is checking off my steps as I go along in the instruction book and


keeping my reference photo available with a note on my replacement colors


OK my break is over.  I have to get back to it.  I will update when I have all the trim put on and ready to do the roof.

Project opinion:  Interesting and Fun


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