Being Grateful For What I Have

So a couple of days ago I said:

My brother came to visit and he started building my new RGT Alison Jr. dollhouse. Each step requires you to glue a part and wait for it to dry so he didn’t get to finish it before he left. That meant i have to finish it. I was hoping to blame any screw-ups on him lol. Well when i took over i decided i wanted to make the tower brick and put stone on the foundation and light it up. It’s a tedious undertaking and after much research realized this is not the type of dollhouse to customize the exterior beyond paint colors. I decided to finish putting it together, put in some floors and wall paper or paint the walls and make it ready for someone to furnish with their little girl.
After i made up my mind on this i happened to find another one for a steal. One that i can light up, customize the exterior, and have all the rooms i want: living room, kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and a media room. I am waiting for some questions to be answered and if everything is as i want it’s a go!! Motivation to finish this one. I been dragging it out cause i am waiting to see how i would finish it but now i know i can complete it.
I haven’t given up on Graces dollhouse. That is a project for them to work on when they come over… this is my project. Two different deals

The doll house I am working on  now (this is someone else’s finished model)


and the dollhouse I was going to buy


The person listed it on Craigslist and we corresponded back and forth.  I then emailed and asked if the instruction book was included.  No response.  I sent another message through Craigslist in case they did not get the message and they responded that they had no idea if the instructions came with it and they were not home but would check that night.  I never heard from them again so I suspect not.  Then I decided to be grateful for the one I have and do my own thing with it.  Step one custom exterior paint job. Also I am not putting that tower thing on top.  I am going to get some fake grass and make a cool ass hangout spot for the dolls.  It will look nothing like the model when I finish with it.  I am going to put this dollhouse on the map!!

Here is my progress so far





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