Inspirations From TN (USA)

I was making a table when I decided to add a little miniature room in the side.  Something that I was going to add as a surprise for the grandkids.  So I went to Hometalk to see what others were doing with dollhouses so I could get some ideas and found this Urban Loft Renovation by Mish Volonino/  Misch found a dollhouse in Target that looked like this


And turned it into this:



F’king amazing right?!!  You can read more on how he made the bed out of straws and tongue depressors and made those amazing barn doors!!

After I saw his project  I was hooked and scrapped my original plan.  I wanted to do a full dollhouse.  I looked through Pinterest and all sorts of websites trying to find a good deal on a doll house.  I found and fell in love with this one called the Lakeview sold by Dollhouse Emporium in the UK.  It sells for about $216 USD plus about $80 in postage…out of my price range!!

I searched and searched for a week looking for a dollhouse that I like (or that I could live with in my price range), and looking at how to make my own furniture (after I saw how much furniture was selling for).  I finally found the Allison Jr  dollhouse  by Real Good Toys on Hobby Lobby’s website. Ugly as sin right?  Well I was looking for decent bones and it’s a starter home for me.

I hate the outside of this dollhouse.  HATE IT….so I haven’t opened the box yet because I want to wait until I have a plan to renovate the outside.  LOL yes I am renovating before I even build the house.  Would love a kitchen like Harry’s kitchen in the new house on the Mistresses.  In the meantime I will be searching out inspirations from other dollhouses and hopefully you will be inspired with me.


2 thoughts on “Inspirations From TN (USA)

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Nashville Loft. It is such an honor. Come on over to Instagram. I’m “Allieshouse” and I offer a lot of tips and tricks. I love sharing the process. Can’t wait to see what you do with your dollhouse.


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