A Stand For My House

I had this piece in my bathroom but I replaced it with a different shelf. I hated to throw it away so I moved it into my den. Its a solid piece and is on wheels and I need it to have a place to work on my dollhouse on wheels and also a level I can work on it from my couch.


Obviously it is too tall.  I removed the top and cut it down in half. I had to add a 1×2 on the front and back side to make it the size I needed it to fit the dollhouse.  it was 1.5 inches too shallow and the pieces I put on it made it the perfect size.  I painted it salmon and teal. It came out pretty bright and I liked it but I had to tone it down a bit.

2.jpg I reused my Folkart handmade Charlotte stencil  


( I used it on a shelf that is also in the room). I sprayed the back of the stencil with Spray adhesive


Using a regular chip brush and burgundy colored oops paint  I blotted the paint on. I love this stencil line because I never get bleed through and I am pretty heavy-handed on the paint.  I don’t really like dry brushing. I added the stencil side-by-side to get the design.


I used Plaid Home Decor Stencil (Medallion)   on the drawer fronts.  


I should probably mention that this is a $5 cabinet that I got from TROSA thrift store. It was there for a while because it was actually an 8-track cabinet and no one wanted it. The drawers have dividers and I don’t mind it it will be perfect to hold my stuff in. Their loss…my gain.


This is how it turned out and it is perfect for my doll house to sit on.

And if you have been following me on my other  blog  you may think I spend an awful  lot of money on paint. Nope. Paint samples they sell in Lowes have changed my creative life.


Everytime I go to Lowes I buy opps samples at 50 cents to $1.50 Most of these were oops samples but I have had some custom mixed as well. Thanks for viewing. May the new year bring you many strokes of creative genius and may the paint samples be with you!


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